Golf Lessons at Sawmill Woods Golf Course

How's your golf game?

Are you looking to improve your game, your score, and your enjoyment? If so, lessons with certified golf instructor and course owner Buzz Moore are for you.

Join the majority of golfers in the LPGAA and PGA tours in having a trained coach who watches their swings, offers suggestions to make them better golfers, and suggests ways to improve their scores.

If it's good enough for Dustin Johnson or Lexi Thompson, it should be good enough for you. Sawmill Woods Golf Course owner/instructor Harearl "Buzz" Moore has been a school teacher since 1986 and has coached baseball and softball at the high school and collegiate level since 1989, so he's had a lot of experience both in coaching and instruction techniques. He designed and built Sawmill Woods Golf Course in Clifton, ME and in 2016 became a certified golf instructor by the U. S. Golf Teachers Federation. Lessons with Buzz are $30/hour for individuals, a three-lesson package is $75, and all lessons include video and written video analysis emailed to you after each session.

Let Buzz help you improve your golf game, your golf score, and your knowledge of your own abilities. Call to schedule a session at Swamill Woods Golf Course today! Your score card will be glad you did!

Sawmill Woods Golf Course
800 Airline Rd.
Clifton, ME 04428